Surgery while reading emails!

« Hey, you! Pay attention! Now! Two Northwest pilots had their licenses stripped away because they reportedly flew off-course, incommunicado, while scheduling future flights on their personal laptops instead of paying attention to their existing flight. Can you believe it? I do. Mobile devices are the great distractions — and distractors — of the Information Age. I’ve heard nurses whisper about doctors who check their Blackberries in the middle of laparoscopic procedures and anesthesiologists who fiddle with their iPods while monitoring vital signs. We want what we want when we want it and we want it now! Even if that means … Lire la suite

How to innovate with your business model ?

“Innovation is one of the least well-managed areas in most companies,” says David Midgley, a marketing professor at INSEAD and author of The Innovation Manual. “This leads to wasted resources and costly mistakes. It’s not the effort that companies put into innovation that decides success. Instead it is how firms go about doing innovation that separates leaders from the rest.” (…) To illustrate this idea, Midgley uses the example of the Apple iPod. (…) But, he says, that success is not because the iPod is an innovative product as there are many similar devices. The real point behind the iPod … Lire la suite