Breakthrough thinking on Business Ethics

EDHEC Business School’s leitmotif – “The School that brings innovative ideas to businesses” – is stamped on the creation of the EDHEC International Ethics Board. The business leaders and professors comprising the members of the Ethics Board go beyond academic analysis of business ethics to confront these issues with the expectations of the business world and society.

Like EDHEC’s International Advisory Board, the Ethics Board comprises prominent business leaders and representatives of the academic community:

Mr Claude Bébéar, Honorary Chairman- AXA
– Mr Eric Bourdais de Charbonnière, Chairman – Michelin
– SAR le Prince Jean de Nassau, Prince de Luxembourg, Chairman – WSSA (Water Solution South Africa)
– Mr Vincent Montagne, CEO – Media Participations
– Mr Vianney Mulliez, CEO – Auchan
– Mr Marc Odendall, Chairman of the International Ethics Board – President of the Odendall Foundation – Switzerland
– Mr Bruno de Pampelonne, CEO Tikehau
– Mr Philippe Vasseur, Chairman – Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe
– Mr Olivier Oger, Dean – EDHEC Business School
– Mr Benoit Arnaud, Director EDHEC Management Institute
– Mr Stéphane Gregoir, Professor of Economics, Director of Research – EDHEC Business School
– Mr Geert Demuijnck, Professor of Business Ethics – EDHEC Business School

The inaugural meeting of the Ethics Board took place on 1 July under the chairmanship of Marc Odendall. The Board pursues three complementary objectives that seek to encourage businesses to increasingly incorporate the value of Responsibility (one of EDHEC’s key values along with innovation and relevancy) into all their actions:

1/ Create dedicated business ethics research projects culminating in practical recommendations

2/ Set up innovative teaching programmes designed to train students and managers in business ethics

3/ Organise an annual conference geared to disseminating research results to businesses and to suggesting changes to regulations and methods of governance

Marc Odendall, Chairman of the International Ethics Board, states that « the combination of the accelerated pace of change, financial performance as the sole criteria for evaluating businesses and the lack of recognised ethical criteria in a global economy, lead us to propose a highly practical approach designed to identify corporate and systemic risks engendered by non-ethical behaviour. Our suggestions are aimed at helping businesses to find new solutions and governments to implement new regulations. »

Olivier Oger, Dean of EDHEC Business School, underlines that « this Board is at the heart of our EDHEC for Business strategy. Academic research is only the first stage of the work undertaken by our professors. They also need to disseminate their expertise and most recent research results to students, to businesses and to civil society. By doing this, we are fulfilling a pressing business need. Leading personalities such as Messieurs Bébéar, Mulliez and Bourdais de Charbonnière have joined us to think about these issues together and spread this thinking to CEOs worldwide. »

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