Twitter: a new distribution channel

All you doubting Thomases can shut up now: Lifecasting/social net Twitter really does work as a marketing tool, as confirmed by PC retail leviathan Dell.

Dell started Tweeting about two years ago, when the system was pretty new. They don’t get into how exactly they traced sales directly back to Tweets, but they’re committed to the correlation. So given what they say are $6.5 million in Twitter-driven sales, the company’s yearly return from Tweets is around $3.25 million. Dell also notes that its follower list has risen 23% in the last three months alone–which will likely correspond to a hefty skew in the number of PC units sold this year. Dell’s Tweets also reach followers in 12 countries, and sales are happening in places that might be a surprise: $800,000 in sales over the last eight months alone came from Brazil.


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